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First Class Projects is a Belgian sheet music publishing company for classical music

Our catalogue contains vocal and instrumental music. Before publishing, First Class Projects submits the compositions to an advisory board of professional composers and musicologists, as a guarantee for exclusive and high quality music pieces. Each score contains a biography of the composer and a short description of the composition.

All scores can be ordered online through our web shop as a PDF file for personal download.

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First Class Projects bv
Romain Steppestraat 109
B-2890 Sint-Amands aan de Schelde
Phone: +32 478 88 29 61
VAT: BE 0892.785.624
BANK: IBAN:  BE32 9730 8416 3702

Registrations as a publishing company

Royal Library of Belgium: n° 13.124
SABAM Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers: IP 00679074994